YumaPOS has been offering Point of Sale software solutions for more than 10 years. During this time, the company has gained significant experience and developed the technological expertise necessary to develop complex POS Systems from scratch or upgrade existing POS software with further maintenance and support. We are proud that POS software product we worked with serve thousands retails stores and restaurants all over the world.

Our staff has gained enough experience and skills to implement even the most complex Point of Sale projects using cutting-edge technologies. Our software engineers, project managers, quality assurance engineers are all members of a great team – the YumaPOS Team.

YumaPOS provides its clients with full POS software development services:

Project-specific consulting and preparation of specifications

Whether you are a large retail company, restaurant business, new POS software startup, or any other type of organizations interested in bringing a new software to the market or creation retail or restaurants software to run own business, YumaPOS can help you. We have a team of professionals ready to deal with the entire project, starting with the initial stage of analysis, designing the system architecture and bringing all requirements into structured and detailed documents.

Another important step to be taken before developing a solution is to identify potential problems and risks in order to avoid possible issues in the proposed flow later. Especially at the moment when modern technologies substitutes old one quite fast and where retail stores, restaurants and hotels still use old operation systems and old devices it is extremely important to correctly approach to POS software system architecture and technological renovation.

To assure it we constantly research existing technologies, technological trends, POS software products available in the market and their innovations, teach our staff to follow the primary market trends, and always stay up to speed.

Full POS software system development from scratch

Complex Point of Sale software development is one of the core services delivered by YumaPOS. We professionally develop such systems from the start until they go live. When developing new systems, we use our modules to deliver complex software within a limited time frame and budget. The average timeline for development of a new POS system with us will range from 6 to 12 months. The exact terms, however, will depend on the complexity of the requirements.

At any case we approach to every complex POS project by following strict steps:

Step 1 – Software requirements specification (SRS) creation

First we get into all details and put all requirements, thoughts and ideas on paper as structured documents.

Step 2 – Wireframes drawing

Basing on available documentation prepared within Step 1 we create wireframes and negotiate/confirm it with our client. So the requirements list gets the first visible look through wireframes.

Step 3 – UI concept and all main pages development.

It is extremely important stage because the key point of application successful usage is nice and user-friendly interface. Every time we spend a lot of efforts to create great UI concept and then design it. We believe that graphical design of every application we produce has to be clean, nice and attractive to end users. And at the same time it has to keep simplicity and naturalness so that even baby can understand how to use the application and enjoy using it!

Step 4 – Prototype development

It is when we start to create front end of future application using available user interface design. It is stage where we can review and prove UI and full application business concept or even realize that it has logical mistakes and requires serious rework in UI and SRS. There is no easy way to get great logical user interface. That is why prototyping requires cycles of UI and logical improvements and redevelopment until our team and client like it. Prototyping also helps to identify and clarify those minor details which it was hard to face with on earlier stages. And that really helps to avoid additional rework later within coding process. Successful prototyping defines all project successful delivery. If the purpose is to make great software product which users will like we strongly recommend spending substantial time and budget on prototyping stage.

Step 5 – Main project development according to prototype.

Once we have prototype ready we plan full project development. We divide full work scope into modules with detailed tasks and define milestones with delivery results. Normally we like to have 3-5 development stages as a part of Step 5 with moving from simple working product (MVP concept) to complex software with rich functionality. So this way application can have used by end used even in the middle of development.

Step 6 – Automatic testing coverage (optionally but we recommend)

We consider Quality assurance process as one or the most important in every project development. To assure quality we widely use manual testing by our test engineers and automatic testing. Automatic testing is time and budget consuming and can require same efforts as implementation of the whole project. We try to keep balance between necessity of highly stable application work which takes budget and time and necessity of keep development cost in realistic competitive frames. At least we strongly recommend creating unit tests covering most critical server functionality and automatic user interface tests covering client part of application. If required we also use stress tests.

Step 7 – Successful deployment, release and further support

This is stage where our clients normally enjoy their software; plan future functionalities; get first feedback from their users. YumaPOS team normally provides maintenance and support plans for all delivery POS software applications. It could be dedicated team of developers in case of very complex POS system or just part time engagement with very limited monthly budget.

Separate POS related applications and modules development

YumaPOS develops different modules and software parts for existing POS software like Inventory, Loyalty plans/Marketing module, Employees management/ Timesheets, Reporting, POS terminal for new devices, integration modules with new devices, full back office cloud module, multitenant architecture applying to existing POS, etc.

We also provide different separate applications related to POS software work like Kitchen application, Driver application, Business owner application, Inventory mobile application, In-restaurant automatic (no-cashier) order and payment processing terminal application, mobile and web restaurant /hotels/retail application to run online sales.

First it is important that we already have lot of prepared documentation, wireframes and even you now have very basic and short requests like “we need kitchen application for our POS system” we’ll work out it with detailed and professional manner. Because we know this subject very well!

Also important that even if we deal with small application we anyway follow seven steps rule listed above to make sure we deliver good software. Sometimes we are very boring and detailed with only one goal – great and good quality software development. We promise only what we can with the required budget.

Upgrade existing POS systems to new technologies

Technological innovations change the world bit by bit every year. For this reason, existing POS systems must be upgraded consistently in order to remain cutting-edge. If your system was created many years ago and you need to update your technology and add the latest functionalities, YumaPOS team is the perfect team to handle it. If your existing system only requires minor changes rather than complete refactoring, we can also be of assistance. Our approach for complex systems, however, is to implement upgrades gradually, adding new technologies bit by bit without having to temporarily shut down your system.

Long-term maintenance and support

All POS software require constant bug fixes and functionalities improvements, just like any other complex software system. For that reason, we provide dedicated software engineers who manage all of your technical needs and keep your POS system stable and functional.


Existing Point of Sales software maintenance, upgrade and new features development

There are many Point of Sale software systems on the market which are used solely by one company or widely used as POS software product by thousands of retail stores, restaurants, salons, hotels and other companies all over the world. The competition between the companies selling these software products is fierce.

As market is competitive and POS product companies are very limited with resources for development and sometimes just have budget to keep modifications and customization of their POS software. But how do they can compete in long-term prospective with such large POS products as Micros, Aldelo or similar?

Large POS industry players keep hundreds software developers and other IT staff to keep and develop expertise stepping together with technological progress. Smaller POS companies simply can’t win this competition without connecting to similar level technical resources. They critically need developers and IT staff which can compete in expertise with large POS product companies staff and at the same time which are much cost effective.

YumaPOS helps to resolve it by offering dedicated developers and other staff which literally live and work with only POS related software and that is why has strong expertise there. So even you get 3, 5 or 10 developers from YumaPOS team these guys will be part of big team which communicate between each other, share knowledge and experiences, step together with technological progress, keep constant research and analysis of existing POS software.

The Remote POS Development Center team which we provide to companies is made up of experienced technical analysts, software developers, QA engineers and other IT staff with significant expertise in the development of Point of Sale software solutions. We select staff members to form a professional team of engineers to work on clients’ projects full time as remote employees.

And the main advantage is that our staff is specialized in the Retail and Hospitality software development, which substantially increases the quality of the final software products and saves a lot of time which other developers spend just on understanding the specific details of POS software, main business processes in Retail or Hospitality industry, terminology, integrated devices and other important information.

When working with Remote POS Development Center, you get other benefits as well:

  • ODC team works full time only on your needs
  • Work is based on your rules, requirements, objectives, expectations, and preferences
  • Strong Point of Sale software expertise
  • Reasonable hourly rate
  • Flexibility of work
  • Individual and reliable approach
  • Available 24/7
  • Easy communication processes
  • Experienced staff
  • Creativity, innovation, and an open mind