Complex customer loyalty system for retail and restaurant chains

If you have outdated customer loyalty system, you are likely facing the following issues:
  • Customers forget or lose cards
  • Customers enter incorrect contact details
  • The system does not collect detailed information about customers and their purchasing behavior
  • It is impossible to give rewards or discounts to customers based on their purchasing history and behavior
  • It is difficult to create complex yet flexible marketing campaigns
Do you have our loyalty card? Hmm... Yes, I do. But in home:( Don’t forget it next time:) I'll try. It is hard to keep multiple loyalty cards in my wallet
If you are experiencing these problems, we have the solution for you! We would like to introduce you to our cloud-based next-generation customer loyalty system.
  • What will the system provide?
    • Get full information about customers as well as their purchase history and behavior
    • Offer individual discounts, awards, and other service terms
    • Communicate with customers through mobile messages and polls
    • Get customer feedback about specific goods or services and about your store or restaurant
    • Build a unique system of contactless payments
    • Introduce customers to a new system of online preordering and prepayment
    • Define hot and cold zones in the store
    • Help customers locate desired goods in the store
  • What will customers be able to do?
    • Use a mobile application instead of outdated customer loyalty cards
    • Be aware of all promo campaigns and discounts
    • Get relevant notifications based on location, date & time, purchase history, etc.
    • Participate in the loyalty system with customized terms, offers, and awards
    • Pay using smartphone remotely and in store
    • Check location, price, and availability of goods in store
    • Create and use shopping lists
    • Scan barcode on items and find additional information online
Our customer loyalty system can be customized based on a company's specific business needs as well as their internal IT infrastructure. It may either be installed as a full-functionality version or as a limited version that includes only specific features.
The full solution includes the following modules:
  • Mobile application for clients (iOS and Android versions)
  • Cloud server application based on the YumaPOS platform
  • Local server in every store synchronized with cloud server
  • Back Office web application with the following main functionalities:
    • Customer management
    • Marketing module (promotional campaigns and coupon management)
    • Notification center
    • Beacon management
    • Order and transaction history
    • Item editor
  • POS Terminal application or plugin for integration with third party POS software (iOS, Android, and Windows)
    • Client recognition
    • Preordering (including remote case)
    • Contactless payment
  • iBeacons and other devices

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