About yumapos

Since the year 2003, YumaPOS has been offering custom development of Point of Sale software solutions as well as upgrades to existing POS system software with continued maintenance and support.

During this time, the company has gained the significant experience and technological expertise necessary to develop complex POS Systems from scratch and to create separate functionality modules such as loyalty programs, inventory, employee management, and even separate applications such as kitchen applications, driver applications, mobile restaurant applications, etc.

Though we have offices throughout the world, including New York (United States), St. Petersburg (Russia), Pune (India), and Minsk (Belarus), our primary centers of technological expertise are in St. Petersburg, Russia as well as Minsk, Belarus.

Our main advantage is narrow specialization. Even though we have significant experience in a wide range of areas, we constantly strive to further improve our expertise by researching existing innovative technologies, POS software products and their features as well as innovations in the Hospitality and Retail software industries.

  • Development of custom software from scratch

    A project-oriented model, which involves full-lifecycle development services from the very beginning with project consulting and analysis up to the final stage, including delivery and further support. This could entail the development of complex POS software with a multitude of modules or separate modules for existing POS software such as inventory, loyalty programs, customer management / Caller ID module, employees, etc. On the other hand, it could also include separate applications related to POS such as delivery applications, kitchen applications, No-cashier purchasing and payment terminals, restaurant or mobile retail applications for online ordering and sales, restaurant web sites for online reservation and ordering as well as many other types of software applications relevant to the hospitality and retail sector.

  • Existing Point of Sales software maintenance, upgrade and new features development

    Many POS software products, hospitality and retail management software products already in existence require constant support, which may include the development of new modules and features, changes to the existing functionalities, upgrades to new technologies, or customization for specific customers. This means that companies have to outsource a constant flow of work on their software. This is where YumaPOS comes in. We can provide professional full-time or part time software engineers, testing engineers, project managers, or other IT staff. We will not only implement the tasks outlined by you but will also help define any potential need for renovation of the system architecture as well as approaches that would allow new technologies to be incorporated.

  • Specialization in the POS software
  • Innovative solutions based on the latest technologies
  • Appealing and modern user interface
  • Customer-oriented approach with excellent communication
  • Constant expansion of fields of expertise
  • Competitive prices
  • Stable and highly qualified development team



Our mission is to help our clients develop their own software for business activities related to restaurants, hotels, or retail stores or as new innovative Point of Sale software products. We also strive to assist them in overhauling their existing POS software so that it may be used for many more years with the latest technologies and features. In addition, we hope to make their lives easier by offering professional outsourcing IT services to support their systems 24/7.


At YumaPOS, we have a strong corporate culture and work ethic. Our continuous success is based on the following values:


    Innovation is the key component in every Point of Sale software solution and existing POS undergoing maintenance. Furthermore, as IT technologies continue to grow at a rapid pace and as the market becomes increasingly competitive, innovation in POS project development and maintenance is of the utmost importance.


    All of our solutions are of the highest quality and based on the latest technologies and best practices. Thanks to our high level of expertise in the Point of Sale industry and our highly qualified software engineers, our Point of Sale software solutions are guaranteed to impress with their quality, efficiency, and productivity. To assure a high level of quality, we use unit testing and automatic testing together with traditional manual testing.


    Each project is unique for the YumaPOS team. The work of the team is based on the client’s requirements and needs, with all processes made to suit the needs of the client. Furthermore, we keep all of our communication processes simple and transparent. We focus on long-term partnerships with our clients, which allows us to get to know our clients better and to accumulate more knowledge about their businesses, which in turn helps us improve the quality of our work.


The application of our innovative technologies and strong POS expertise is part of what makes us a global leader in the development of Custom Point of Sale software


We always do our best to create software that excels on every level. This includes, for example, an appealing and friendly user interface design, a suitable system architecture, well-structured code, and finally software that has been fully tested and is proven to be stable and free of bugs. We strive to create a product that our users truly love.


The Agile method is an approach widely used in our development processes. We typically aim to divide project development into various steps, from the initial project analysis and documentation to cycles of UI creation and prototyping to implementation of the complete project, and finally, the successful release.

We believe that the development steps we follow are the key to successful projects. Our development processes include the following steps:

Step 1 – Creating software requirements specifications (SRS)

In collaboration with the client's representative, or on our own if needed, we gather any and all information about the project, including ideas, descriptions of functionalities, business processes details, etc. and put it into structured documents called Software Requirements Specifications.

Step 2 – Drawing wireframes

Once we have a confirmed document to work from, we start drawing wireframes. We then show these to the client to discuss details, make changes and ultimately confirm the design.

Step 3 – UI concept and all main pages development

We love this stage because it allows us to not only create an appealing user interface but also to make it easy to understand for users. We know that the majority of all clients and end users base their decision of whether or not they use a piece of software on their first experience with it. The combination of design and usability are what makes clients them feel comfortable and confident in using the software we produce. For that reason, we spend more time and effort on UI than many other companies.

Step 4 – Developing prototypes

In this step, we create the front end of the software using approved user interface design. This is one of the most important stages of the development process since it allows us and the client to see how the future software application will work. This step typically includes several cycles of prototyping, UI changes, and prototyping again until we have eliminated all logical errors in the application and have reached a favorable level of usability. Successful prototyping is almost a guarantee for successful project delivery. That is why we avoid rushing this stage. We believe that it is always better to find and fix all mistakes in this step than to be forced to face them in one of the later steps of project development.

Step 5 – Main project development based on prototype

We begin full project development based on the prototype we have developed. We divide the project work scope into milestones with exact deliverables that are clearly visible for our clients. We calculate the final project cost and delivery time right after we complete the prototype. Once everything has been approved by the client, we start to implement the software. In addition, we clarify and resolve important questions regarding earlier steps so that the project goes smoothly and is completed in a timely fashion.

Step 6 – Automatic testing (optional but recommended)

Quality is important to us. As a result, if the budget allows for it, we like to ensure that at least the most critical functionalities undergo automatic tests and unit tests.

Step 7 – Successful deployment, release, and further support

We look forward to this step because we love to see clients satisfied with our work and with the software we deliver. Upon delivery, clients also receive the required support and maintenance as well as further software development.



YumaPOS has been providing Point of Sale software solutions to market leaders and startups in the Retail, Hospitality, and Travel industries since 2003.

Some of the clients we have served include:

NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational provider of IT services and products. It caters to retail industries by providing customizable POS solutions. The YumaPOS team is proud to be able to be a part of creating new solutions by providing outsourcing software development services.


Business model: Remote POS Development Center
Technologies: ASP.NET MVC 4/5, Xamarin, MS SQL Server 2012, ADO.NET EF, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout.js, HTML5, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Telerik Kendo UI, Microsoft .Net 4.0


IT Retail focuses on providing POS software for grocery stores to customers that include independent global grocery retail chains and other retail operators in United States, Europe, and Asia. The YumaPOS team professionally develops new features, customizes functionalities, and updates the system architecture with the latest technological trends. The full system consists of a cloud and desktop back office, desktop and mobile POS terminal, and multiple separate mobile applications. We are proud of bringing true value to our client’s business development for many years to come.


Business model: Remote POS Development Center
Technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WEB API, ADO.NET EF, Xamarin, MS SQL Server, SSIS, Crystal Reports, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, PhoneGap, PhoneJS, Android SDK, iOS 6/7 SDK, Windows Phone 8, QuickBooks , Microsoft.NET 4.5


LiveTable delivers e-commerce software and web solutions for restaurants and hotels in the European and global markets. These solutions were developed with the latest technologies and many years of professional experience. Our developers at the Remote POS development Center for LiveTable are proud of the role they have been playing in the development and maintenance of LiveTable Software products for the past several years.


Business model: Remote POS Development Center
Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin, Silverlight, Windows Azure, WCF RIA Services, ADO.NET EF, MS SQL Server, HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout.js, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Windows Phone 7, Microsoft.NET 4.0


WBS is a world class provider of merchant services, banking, and electronic payment processing services for restaurants and the retail industry. We provided them with a complex Restaurant POS system covering literally all functionalities from basic POS functions to very complex loyalty plans as well as inventory and delivery management.


Business model: Custom Point of Sale software development
Technologies: iOS SDK, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, Android SDK, Java, Microsoft.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Xamarin, Windows Azure, WCF RIA Services, MS SQL Server, HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js